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Newsletter from Project Galaxy ∅ - Oct 30th, 2021

Project Galaxy Team
Project Galaxy Team
Alongside our bi-monthly announcement of new Project Galaxy partnerships, we want to first walk you thought the biggest news during these 2 weeks: the revolutionary new upgrade to the Project Galaxy platform. This upgrade comes in four parts: first off is Galaxy ID, a universal username that will replace your Galaxy wallet address on any Web 3 platform. Your Galaxy ID will include an extensive history of your network participation, and will soon provide a ton of additional benefits within Project Galaxy partner networks.
Next, we’re launching a task-based campaign module with Twitter integration. This module enables NFT projects to create unique Twitter campaigns with integrations into the Galaxy network. For example, campaigns could consist of asking users to follow a Twitter account, which confirms their participation in an NFT drop.
Third is the launch of a gas-less NFT mining module. From launch onward, Project Galaxy-based communities and DAOs can opt to pay for all gas fees on behalf of their members. This way, users can just sign the transaction for a NFT without having to pay for gas themselves.
Finally, we’re implementing an NFT claiming email module. With this feature, users can join NFT campaigns just by verifying their email addresses. Once this is complete, the user can connect to a wallet and claim their NFT.
Of course, these features are just the start of Project Galaxy’s latest developments. We’re doing everything we can to build the best NFT launchpad for developers, simplifying marketing features and enhancing the user experience across our entire ecosystem. Now for our partnerships in the last half of October.
Project Galaxy Hitchhiker’s Guide
For all of our users, we created a “Hitchhiker’s Guide” to Project Galaxy. This guide is a simple list of directions detailing how to claim an NFT on Project Galaxy. We’re hoping this will decrease confusion and increase NFT adoption amongst our ecosystem.
How to claim your NFTs on Project Galaxy
How to claim your NFTs on Project Galaxy
Project Galaxy x XCarnival
XCarnival, a lending aggregator for Metaverse assets, partnered to help launch XCarnival’s first NFT on Project Galaxy. To promote the launch, both groups united to hold a successful Telegram AMA.
88mph x Project Galaxy
88mph, a yield generating crypto platform, partnered with project Galaxy to launch a special NFT. The NFT was designed as a token of appreciation for every community member. Only those who had staked MPH for xMPH were eligible for this NFT.
Lucky Lion x Project Galaxy
GameFi and yield farming platform Lucky Lion held its Fair Launch Promotion campaign on Project Galaxy, revealing a rare NFT available exclusively to its Tier 3 earners.
Fantom x Project Galaxy
Project Galaxy NFTs will have liquidity on the Fantom blockchain from now on. Fantom is a highly scalable smart contract platform for DApps.
The Hashbot #1 Page 1
Hashflow, a DeFi trading platform, launched its first page of the official “The Hashbot” comic on Project Galaxy.
C.R.E.A.M. x Fantom x Metafactory x Project Galaxy
C.R.E.A.M. Finance, a lending protocol, partnered with Project Galaxy and fashion-focused NFT platform Metafactory to build a Loot-Box NFT game. The game is meant to reward longstanding C.R.E.A.M. Finance users as well as new users interested in the platform. Every user can claim up to 5 NFT lootboxes located on the Fantom blockchain in an attempt to bring more eyes to each project.
Lootboxes contain dragon NFTs of various rarities, which also launched on the Paintswap marketplace. x Project Galaxy
Perpetual Protocol is a derivative DEX holding the largest daily trading volume of all its competitors. The protocol held a Genesis NFT drop on Project Galaxy, eligible only to 190 contest winners.
NFTrade x Project Galaxy
Blockchain agnostic NFT platform NFTrade partnered with Project Galaxy to bring all-new features and additional liquidity to Galaxy NFTs. The partnership will bring NFT farming, a launchpad, and even some yet-to-be-seen social features to Project Galaxy.
ECIO x Project Galaxy
ECIO, the first NFT Space Adventure Fighting game, is prepping to launch its Initial NFT Offering. The platform released Mystery Boxes with unique gear that were only available on Project Galaxy.
Hashbot: Escape
Hashflow launched an animated version of its Hashbot NFT comic. The animation is called Hashbot: Escape, and is only available on Project Galaxy until November 7th, 2021.
Hashbot Poster #2
Hashbot Escape was a popular comic animation, and Hashflow revealed a poster based on the animation. The poster is the second in a series designed by BlindCamel, and will only be available on Project Galaxy until November 8th.
Furucombo x Galaxy
Furucombo, a DeFi protocol simplification tool, launched private transactions as an option on their platform. To celebrate, Furucombo released an NFT only available to their Loyalty Program users, choosing to launch it on Project Galaxy.
Nexus Mutual x Galaxy
Insurance alternative platform Nexus Mutual teamed up with Project Galaxy to launch “The Mutant Chronicles” NFT project. The Mutant Chronicles is for dedicated Nexus community members, such as those who hold a certain amount of NXM. 
Pastel Network x Project Galaxy
Pastel Network, a blockchain built from the ground up for NFT development, released an exclusive set of NFTs on the Project Galaxy platform. The set is called Club PSL and includes four tiers of users who hold certain amounts of WPSL. Each tier provides a specific NFT that acts as a member pass.
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Project Galaxy Team
Project Galaxy Team @ProjectGalaxyHQ

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